Who we are

Clusternanotech LTD is a financial operational holding of a mixed nature, it is a company that carries out the investments and control of subsidiaries (majority interest in CNT LAB srl, CNT SALUS MUNDI Srl and a minority stake in PIN CORP LTD), providing them with the funding and coordination.



Our history

The idea of Clusternanotech was born in Russia in 2008 as a project developed between Russian and Italian executives during a meeting for the signing of the International Trade Exchange Protocol between the Moscow Region and the City of Salsomaggiore Terme. The project involves the commercial development of expertise on chemical syntheses. When it was still Russian-owned, the main inventor Prof. Yuri Sidorin, then Bruno Cantarelli received the trustee mandate for a market research on new technologies in the Italian territory. Quickly it became clear, that it is essential to open a legal entity in Europe to deal better with customs issues, transport, registrations, etc. Hence the opening of an office in London on November 12, 2011 under the name Clusternanotech Ltd.

Our company currently boasts a share capital of € 8.409.356,00

The legal development and subsequent asset is verified by Company House (London).

How we work

Marketing analysis

To always be on the lookout for innovative services to propose

Partner searching

Our company is always looking for partners who can collaborate on our best projects

We deliver our services

Departments directed by specialized managers at the head of specific branches of Clusternanotech LTD to create products dedicated both to companies and to the final customer

How does it work

Types of investments

Clusternanotech operates in the purchase of intellectual property, in the registration of patents, in tests and analyses on research and development by CNT LAB, in the acquisition of shareholdings of small companies in strategic sectors of advanced technology.
Clusternanotech finances the projects of the various subsidiaries.

Being a partner

The profit of Clusternanotech comes from royalties and dividends from investments.

The costs of Clusternanotech are determined by the administrative management of the directors and the professionals who follow the accounting part.

Operating expenses are carried out by the directors and general managers, who are on international territory.

Clusternanotech has solid strategic relationships with private entities, governmental, multilateral agencies, British banks that allow the identification of the strategic commercial partners for the subsidiaries.

Share capital


Clusternanotech ensures reliability and distinguished institutional equity capital into two categories:

The Ordinary Shares: are shares with voting rights; partners who are registered and shown in the list of shareholders in the Company House of London actively participate in meetings and decide on the points on the agenda.

The Privileged Shares: are non-voting shares but with 50% higher dividends compared to ordinary shares; partners who are registered and shown in the list of shareholders in the Company House of London passively participate in meetings.

Clusternanotech is always looking for strategic and operational partners.

Investing Partners: are selected by the CEO and brought to the attention of the General Assembly.

How to become an Investing Partner: send your expression of interest to the CEO by filling in the attached form; once agreed on the amount to be invested, the future partner books the purchase of Privileged Shares, which have a 50% higher dividend than Ordinary Shares. The financial transfers are concluded within 60 days.

Operating Partners: are selected by the CEO taking into account previous activities, the interest in the project, the ability to work on the project, the availability of sufficient financial resources to enter the project.

How to become an Operating Partner: anyone wanting to become an Operating Partner must demonstrate interest in the proposed project on the market by Clusternanotech by signing the attached form. The CEO will then propose a meeting at one of the Group's offices. If the meeting is successful, you enter operationally with direct involvement in the management of the project.

For any questions regarding collaborations or participations do not hesitate to contact us




Bruno Cantarelli

Trustee and Biotechnologist - Nanotechnology International Holding

Zarima Minnikhanova

Controller on economic activities and financial movements

Francesco Giovannini

Commercial Development Department

Nataliya Cantarelli

Order Management & Financial Control

Karine Musailova

Business Development Manager Russia



Svetlana Cantarelli

President & Supervisor of chemical syntheses at Salus Cutis Italia Srl

Yuri Sidorin

Scientific Supervirsor - Kemerovo University

Filippo Annoni

Technical Direction

Arturo Sommariva


Evgeniia Ananeva

Specialist MD


Maurizio Prandi

Commercial Manager Salus Cutis

Valery Leinweber

Sales Manager

Cristiano Scapini

Sales Manager Italy - Clusternanotech

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